Youth Employment: Decent Work for All Young People, Everywhere

youth employment 1


Youth employment is the burning issues ever since last few decades. Today, when people are moving after the safe, secure future, youths, the pillar of the society are unemployed even after being qualified. The government, in context of the developing country like Nepal has become unable to create job opportunities so the ultimate result is brain drain. Even worse is the situation when the youth are indulged in drug addiction, corruption, rape, murder, dacoit, smuggling, kidnapping. Thus the protector turns to destroyer. In the developing countries, about two third of the young people can’t go to school and can’t find a job. There is no access of education which is a basic need of the people. They start the school but can’t complete their secondary education or leave school after secondary level so they work in the irregular, poor quality, low wage jobs. Similarly sex also plays a vital role in employment. If you are a young male you have a higher chance of good employment in the developing countries rather than a young female.

When a child is born, parents start dreaming about his/ her occupation, their financial security. They don’t even care the child’s interest, his/her potentiality. The child is ultimately bound to live the dreams of his/her parents which are mostly doctor or engineering. In his/her adolescence he/she didn’t get even a second to know his energy, to evaluate his potentiality, to know his limits and to live his interest. So he/she didn’t get a good grade but he/she spends his life and the valuable times and his parent’s money to study the bulky books for some feedback i.e. job. But when he didn’t get jobs suitable to his degree then there comes frustration and results depression or brain drain. But if the evil side of his mind overcomes his good side then he may get indulge in criminal activities and ruins his life and ultimately the society.

The global youth unemployment rate increased to 12.4% in 2012 and has continued to grow to 12.6% in 2013. In advanced economies one third of young job seekers have been unemployed for at least 6 months. If they do find jobs then it is most likely to be part time or a temporary job.

In the developed countries, another part of youth employment crisis is what we call “skills mismatch”. Unemployed range for the low skilled are often higher for those which are high skilled. The second type of skills-mismatch has to do with having too much education. This type of unemployment has increased by 1.4% from 2008-2010. This shows that highly skilled youths are talking up jobs for which they are over qualified. Thus this reduces the job opportunities for the low-skilled people. Hence, skills-mismatch depresses wages, dulls satisfaction and reduces productivity. So government needs to find the match between society’s actual need for sustainability and young people’s capabilities and dreams for their own future. There is a case of irregular employment and inactive population. The youths of age group 15-29 years are inactive because they are in school that means that they are investing in their education so that they can better integrate in the labor market in the future.

What can be done??

We need a strong focus on growth and jobs. The small and medium sized enterprises should employ more young workers. Young people should be given equal rights as that of adult people. This is important because otherwise the young people are trapped in the voluntary, part time and temporary works for a long time or for the life time. Various employment programs should be brought in the developing countries without any corruption, favoritism and nepotism. The best employment programs combine education and training with work-experience and job-placement support.  The entrepreneurship among youths should be encouraged and the youth led entrepreneur should also be promoted by the UN and the government. It is said that empty mind is a home to devil so the energy, power and brain of young generation should be utilized in good and creative works. The positive progress is on the hand of the new generation.


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