Pop Inside

Raindrops, dark clouds
Teary eyes, deep inside
Pounding heart, talking mind
Wet leaves, dripping feathers
Yelling mind, stopping feats
Free feet, memories inside
Wet papers, writing hands
Waiting eyes, cold inside
Raindrops, dark clouds
Teary eyes, deep inside

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Be Bold For Change

As I look back in my life, I wish I’d have taken more risks and settled less. I was in my primary school where I participated in a running game for the first time. As the whistle blew and I have just started running, I fell down. I was embarrassed and many people even told me that runninRisksg is not my game. I stopped running again.

I have seen many of my guy friends losing hopes, failing to succeed yet society groom them to be brave, not to lose hope, take risks and be fearless and never give up. In contrary, our society wants girls to play safe and pretty. That’s the discrimination what I am actually talking about. Discrimination on how we raise her than him. We expect our girls to be vulnerable, calm and composed rather than loud, rough and bold. By we, I mean our so called educated society structured by all the politicians, teachers, businessmen, artists, and so on.
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Manju Chaudhary: from a Bonded labor to a Chairperson

Manju Chaudhary, a girl from Bardiya district, Neulapur-09, V.D.C lost her parents at the very young age. Only her big brother and his wife were left as her guardian. But they couldn’t give her physical and emotional support and left her to work as a bonded labor in the house of a rich family. She didn’t lose her hope rather she worked and studied there. In 2060, she became member of Neulapur youth club and was active since her childhood. She studied till class seven while she was working as a bonded labor. But, she couldn’t complete her school as her brother made her leave the school saying that it was correct time for her to get married so she got married in 2064, at the age of 16 against her willingness to marry in that very young age.

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Forest shielded against fire

Fire line

Fire line

Bardiya: In 1999, District Forest Office handover 78.66 ha forest to Lathwa CFUG which is being utilized and protected by 815 households. Among various other activities, in coordination between CARE Nepal/HBP and Fecofun Bardiya, 2 k.m fire line was constructed in the forest. In 2015, June -06, forest fire occurred in Block ‘kha’ due to natural causes. But fire was protected from spreading to other blocks by the joint effort of CFUG users, police groups, forest guard and fire line. Fire line played very important role to protect fire from being extreme and destroying the whole forest before people reached to control it with the help of green bushes. Hence, 76.66 ha forest area, timber, fuel woods, forage, biodiversity, non-timber rattan plot and nearby residing Sangharsanagar community has been protected from the fire. Continue reading

A Sparkling Soul in a Blaze

Yeah, undoubtedly I do makeup, I like to wear beautiful dresses and I am frank and shy at the same time in different situations but trust me I never said any man that I belong to him. I wanted to be free in my own wildness like a drop of water so that I could mix in any pond, lake, river or ocean I choose to. And being a human I have right to do so. Have I ever asked you why you love to play cricket or football instead I have always respected your passion and interest then why are you so interested in my dance moves? Why do you want to know if I move my ass while I dance or I just move my hands? Taliban’s sexism is justifiable to me as they have become notorious internationally for gender bias but what about you? You want to get recognized as a well being, as a man but in reality inside your soul you are not less than a beast. Yes, that’s right I said a beast. This fleshy lust triggered by rejections, your male dominated culture and philosophies you administer in your life is pushing you towards various unnatural crimes like rapes, abuse, misbehaves. This may quench your thirst or provide you an honorary satisfaction but it leaves a scar inside a girl’s heart, a wound which can never be healed by any medicines or medications. It not only destroys her life but also ruins many other lives of the people who are attached to her. It creates violence and instability in a society and ultimately destroys a country’s reputation internationally. Continue reading

मैले देखेको सपना

हिजो मैले देखे एउटा सपना

सपना मा त लग्यो बिपना झैँ त्यो सपना

भन्छु है त बिपना झैँ लाग्ने सपना मा देखेको कुरा मैले

देखे मैले सान्ति बिश्व भरि छाएको

मित्रता को भावना सबैको मनमा आएको

क्रन्दन, कोलाहल र चित्कार को माहोल बिश्व बाटै हटेको

सान्ति र सुरक्ष्याको बिगुल बिश्व भरि फैलिएको

महिला हिंसा बिरुध्ह सभै दाजु, भाइहरु लगेचन  है

अब दिदि बहिनि हरु ढुक्क संग हिड्ने छन् है

सभै निरङ्कुश ससक ले घुडा टेकेछन् है

जनता को सासन, जनता लाई सासन, जनता बाट सासन हुने रे है

सभै फुल हरु फुल्न र फक्रन पाउने छन् है

सभै बालबालिका हरु आमाको न्यानो काख र बाबा को छत्र छाया पाउने छन् है

रातो माटो र हरियो वन सबैले जोगाउने रे

कार्बन को मात्रा सबैले घटाउने रे

नेपाल तेस्रो मुलुक रहेन रे

चेतना, सान्ति र सीक्स्या ले हामी पनि पहिलो मुलुक भयेउ रे

हिजो मैले देखे एउटा सपना

सपना मा त लग्यो बिपना झैँ त्यो सपना

पिजडा को चरी


चरा किन ठुंगछौ तिमि पिजडा को डन्डी?
मन पर्दैन कत्ति मलाई एस्तो घेरा बन्धि l

यो त घर बुट्टे दार हेर कति झ्याल
तर म त देख्छु यहाँ जिउदै आफ्नो काल

खान लाई दाना छ नि पिउन लाई पानी
जिन्दगानी दाना पानी मात्र होइन नानी

कसो गरे हुन्छ तिम्रो जिन्दगानी राम्रो?
सिंगो आकाश अंगालेर उड्ने बानी हाम्रो l